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The Champagnes

The Taisne Riocour Champagnes exemplify a perfect balance of the four pillars that define them: power, freshness, elegance and complexity.

We rely upon the unique expression of the terroir de Riceys harnessed in the grapes, combined with the dedication, precision and hardwork of the teams - both in the vineyards and the winery to champion this balance and produce beautiful Champagnes.

Grande Réserve

Our Grande Réserve is a blend of Pinot Noir de Riceys and Chardonnay - each offering different dimensions to the wine. The Pinot Noir gives power and elegance to the wine, whilst the Chardonnay adds boldness and freshness. The whole is enveloped by a light honey, the authentic character of the blended grape varieties. Aromas of ripe white fruits and dried berries are present alongside more complex notes of butter and brioche on the palate.

65% Pinot Noir « Tronchois »
35% Chardonnay « Val-Germain » and « Saint Roch »
Short time spent in barrels
15% of reserve wine
3 years in traditional cellar
Dosage: 5,6g/l
Limited edition: 4000 bottles
Culinary suggestions for accompaniment

Sea Bream Tartare with Coriander, Passion Fruit and Mandarin Vinaigrette
Pan-Seared Foie Gras, Winter Vegetables and Fruits in Sauternes
Caramelized Scallops with Bourbon Vanilla
Grilled Calamari with Lemon/Ginger, Exotic Mango Sauce

Gold medal Gilbert & Gaillard (92/100)
Guide Hachette 2021 (1 étoile)
Le Point Décembre 2020 (14.5/20)
Bettane + Desseauve (14.5/20)
Vins & Gastronomie

Blanc de Noirs

Our Blanc de Noirs is a generous Champagne with floral vitality; the refined expression of the Riceys terroir. The grapes from the Tronchois plot bring power and elegance to the wine, whilst the grapes from the Val Germain and Pragnon vineyards offer depth and length on the palate. An early harvest add a vertical axis of freshness to this beautiful blend.

100% Pinot Noir « Tronchois », « Pragnon » and « Val-Germain »
10% reserve wine
3 years in traditional cellar
Dosage: 3,38g/l
Limited edition: 10000 bottles and magnums
Culinary suggestions for accompaniment

Wild Prawn Tartare, Pomegranate and Redcurrant, Pink Pepper, Himalayan Salt, Black Olive Oil
Line-Caught Pollack with Yellow Bell Pepper Tajine Style, Corinthian Raisins
Milk-Fed Lamb Shoulder Confit with Red Plums, seasoned with Fennel Seeds, Coriander, Ginger Powder, Turmeric, and Cinnamon, Cooking Juice
Farmhouse Poultry Ballotine with Morels, Creamed Cooking Juice

Gold medal Gilbert & Gaillard (90/100)
Le Point Décembre 2020 (15/20)
Bettane + Desseauve (15/20)

Blanc de Blancs

Our Blanc de Blancs offers a fine mousse and a beautiful rich, golden hue on the appearance. The nose is expressive and complex with a palate to echo it – fresh aromas of candied lemon are shortly followed by notes of white peach and hawthorn.

100% Chardonnay « Val-Germain » and « Saint Roch »
25% of wine fermented in barrels
4 years in cellar before released to market
Dosage: 3,5g/l
Culinary suggestions for accompaniment

Fish matelote with Gewurztraminer
Semolina cooked with argan oil, fried cep and smoked duck breast fillet
Confit shoulder of young lamb with apricots
Out of Stock

Rosé de Saignée

Our Rosé de Saignée is a beautiful expression of Pinot Noir selected specifically from the Tronchois plot – vivacity and freshness are at the heart of this 2020 vintage. Gastronomic in style – lending generous notes of pink flowers, wild red berries, currants and cherries on the palate.

100% Pinot Noir « Tronchois »
80% whole bunch pressed, 20% destemmed grapes
Methode Traditionelle
3 years in traditional cellar
Dosage: 5,6g/l
Limited edition: 3000 bottles
Culinary suggestions for accompaniment

Hare Saddle in a Casserole with Blackcurrant Berries, Candied Red Beetroot
Lacquered Duck with Five Spices, Blackcurrant Juice
Galician Beef in Provençal Marinade with Black Olives, Grilled, Warm Cherry Tartare with Hibiscus
Pear in Red Wine, Spices, Blackcurrant Sorbet

Gold medal Gilbert & Gaillard (90/100)
Bettane + Desseauve (15.5/20)

Millésime 2017

Our cuvée Vintage 2017 comes exclusively from the 2017 harvest, a year of contrasting agricultural conditions. Adorned with a beautiful amber yellow, its nose is welcoming and warm with citrus and pastry notes, offering a dense, indulgent, voluptuous texture on the palate, and divinely fruity.

67% Pinot Noir « Tronchois »
25% Chardonnay « Val Germain »
8% Chardonnay « Vitry »
Methode Traditionelle
5 years in traditional cellar
Dosage: 3,4g/l
Limited edition: 6872 bottles
Culinary suggestions for accompaniment

Veal Tartare with Hazelnuts, Walnut Oil, Candied Lemon, Puff Pastry with Fleur de Sel
Roasted Foie Gras in a Casserole, Smoked with Vine Shoots, Mango/Passionfruit and Candied Lemon Chutney
Braised Turbot in Brown Butter, Spring Vegetable Blanquette
Veal Tenderloin à la Martiniquaise, Thyme, Lemon, Pineapple